Project Management

Each of our projects is a company in itself. Project Managers supervise and coordinate the work carried out by multiple departments, such as process, engineering, procurement, project control and management. Our project management team interfaces with clients, partners, suppliers and subcontractors, ensuring schedules, budgets, quality and the security of our people and assets.

Our project managers do not compromise on safety, and in line with our ambitions to be a reference company in HSE.

Design Team

We are involved from the project’s design stage in preparing the materials balance, required documents, from drafting the detailed engineering plans, to equipment procurement and construction of the installation (Just for EPC projects). We are also actively involved in research and technology, developing and perfecting technology, registering patents in a wide variety of fields. Our HSE Design teams performed risks identification studies at the very start of the design stage; this is to provide peace of mind for everybody. Our each department has its own design team.


These vital sectors have positions in our each department. Our versatile team has expertise in many disciplines, such as Civil, Piping, Pipeline, Mechanical, Instrumentation, Electricity, Structural, Industrial, Naval Architect, Onshore/Offshore Installation, Geotechnical Engineering and many more. Tehran Berkeley Group of Companies offers engineers the chance to operate at the cutting-edge of their industry. Our visionary teams challenging the frontiers of technology and push the limits of discovery. Our partners’ Engineering team always fulfills our requirements in lack of special experiences.


Our tendering team is the keystone of any project at the bidding stage. They orchestrate the proposals, liaising with internal teams of each department such as business development, cost estimation, finance, legal & contract, process, project management, engineering and research & development to provide ‘the right engineering solutions’ to our clients.

Project Control

The project control team analyzes measures, evaluates, and controls the project’s revenue and cost. Fundamental to our business efficiency, they monitor progress against schedule, cost, and details of the contract and clients expectations. The team implements corrective measures when necessary and manage of all types of risk.


A group of professionals and experts in the Tehran Berkeley Group of Companies and its partners has formed a team that come together for each EPC project. Having such a team at the heart of the company is vital for efficient and profitable operations business-wide. They convene a meeting and consider all the procurement policies, programs, and procedures carefully in accordance with management, client, and project requirements.

They source, qualify, and select credible suppliers and manage the procurement process from beginning to end. They ensure the highest product quality and make sure we get equipment that keeps us sustainable, safe and operating at full capacity.


Protecting people is top priority so we are committed to finding passionate and visionary QHSE staff. On our projects, in our offices, at the construction works, we deliver quality work in a safe environment for all our employees, clients, partners and subcontractors. We continue to challenge our approach to quality, health, safety and environment management and look at innovative ways to improve performance and set the industry benchmark. We ensure construction works defined specifications, create and maintain a safe working environment, reduce the impact of our activities on the environment, design according to our country and especially our clients QHSE rules and standards.

Supervision Team

Construction supervision is a tough and demanding job. At TB, your proven performance, leadership, and work ethic are recognized and rewarded.

Tehran Berkeley Group of Companies has a strong legacy and pride as a leader in self-perform multidisciplinary consultant. We invest in our field personnel with on-site/off-site training, skills enhancement, and career development. TB is recognized as one of the trustable private consultants.